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Production Scale

Jiangsu QIMEI Musical Instrument Co., Ltd is the biggest production base for recorder, melodica, harmonica in China and has owned the producing scale of 6.8 million recorder, 1 million wood recorder, 2.5 million melodica, 3.5 million harmonica. Our products have covered approximately above 90% of our national and export market share. QIMEI Brand harmonica’s saling and producing volume has taken a leading positon in national brand market. And According to《the world report of musical instruments》counted by NAMM, it shows that the saling and producing volume of QIMEI Brand recorder, melodica is number one around the world. Our company owns three brand products, QIMEI BRAND, DIAMOND BRAND, YINGMEI BRAND. Our products spread around about 100 countries and take above 10% share in Europea and America market. It also spreads around all our national big and middle city and have covered approximately above 90% of our national market share. So our brand has been China Well-known Trademark.

Producing base of plastic parts

Producing reed

Tuning music reed

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